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Tax Preparation Services


The state of Washington ranks approximately 11th nationwide for having the best business climate, making it home to thousands of companies across every possible industry. With many of those companies located in Olympia, there’s a high demand for reliable business consulting firms that offer tax preparation services. Integrity Business Solutions LLC is one of the state’s leading tax preparation firms that provides a broad spectrum of comprehensive business consultant services, including business tax preparation. 

We opened our doors over 40 years ago and have been helping companies of all sizes and across many industries by creating viable and easy-to-follow tax preparation strategy plans. So, whether you own a small floral shop or multi-location eateries, you can trust Integrity Business Solutions LLC for tax preparation services. We are the single-source tax preparation strategy company that can minimize your yearly tax payouts, reducing your overall expenses.

Does Your Business Need Tax Preparation Services?

Most professionals do not startup companies because their passion lies in running a business, but rather because of the passion for what their business does. This is why business consulting firms provide crucial services like tax preparation to companies. At Integrity Business Solutions LLC, we understand that manufacturers, commercial property owners, and employers must remain focused on their core business, therefore, they may not use any cost-saving programs. Furthermore, they may not know there are resources available that can help save them significant amounts of money each year. Business taxes are complex, highly detailed and easy to get wrong. Our hassle-free approach to tax preparation will help you reduce the amount of money you payout and alleviate the stress of business taxes.

What Are the Benefits of Tax Preparation Services?

One of the many advantages to owning and running a business in Olympia, is that the State of Washington does not have personal income tax. There are, however, other taxes and liabilities to be aware of. As a business owner, or CEO of a company, you still have business and occupation (B&O) taxes, sales tax, and use tax that affect most companies in Olympia and the rest of Washington State. When you utilize the tax preparation services form Integrity Business Solutions LLC, our local team of industry experts work with you to discover what services and tax credits will benefit your business the most, then create a tax preparation plan to follow as tax season draws near.

Even though Washington state does not have an income tax, businesses will pay the B&O tax on the company’s gross income. This means taxes are paid on the total amount of revenue your business generates, whether or not your company made a profit. It is knowing and understanding these details that can make a world of difference to your company when it comes to utilizing our tax preparation services.

No matter what industry your company occupies, or the size and scope of your business, we can help save you money. Here are a few items we work with to reduce your tax pay-outs each year:

  • Employer payroll incentives
  • Property owner tax incentives
  • Parcel shipping
  • Credit card processions
  • Property tax savings
  • Waste & recycling
  • Workers comp insurance
  • Software development

Olympia’s Best Tax Preparation Firm

Integrity Business Solutions LLC works with some of the most reputable companies in Washington State, so we have designed our operations to be more intuitive to meet the tax preparation needs of our customers. Our singular approach ensures that we exceed expectations as we work on an individual level with each client. We can more accurately capture possible financial savings, so our clients can reinvest in their businesses.

Integrity Business Solutions LLC delivers the best level of service available for your tax preparation needs. We focus on our client’s specific circumstances and goals, then provide tax preparation plans that drill down to their needs. Our single-source solutions capture the broadest range of federal, state and local tax credits and incentives to save you money.

In addition to excellent tax preparation services, we offer a broad range of solutions, including those for cost mitigation, management, specialized tax credits, tax preparation and more. Additionally, we work closely with a diverse clientele consisting of CEOs, COOs, Presidents & Owners of professional practices and businesses.

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At Integrity Business Solutions LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering highly beneficial insurance consulting solutions for tax credits, business brokerage, tele-med, corporate loans, tax incentives, Strye retirement plans and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss a tax preparation plan for you. We aim to form long-lasting, fruitful relationships with our customers by delivering the most advanced selection of resources that ensure continued business growth for them amidst modern market scenarios. From our location near Olympia, WA we service many local and national companies. Integrity Business Solutions LLC, where we make good business GREAT!

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